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Why Charlie

Charlie the go-to oil guy is one of several experts in his field.
I teach investors how to make money in the oil business by showing them how to identify solid investment opportunities among the hundreds that are promoted.

Ever since I discovered the benefits of investing in oil, I realized that there was just not enough information available to investors, educating them about the pros and cons of oil and gas investments. With this in mind I wanted to share my knowledge and encourage investors to look more closely at direct participation programs to add to their own portfolios.

My personal goal in sharing my knowledge about oil investing is to help individuals acquire profitable oil and gas interests, which will provide a constant monthly cash-flow for many years.

Charlie The Go To Oil Guy

Charlie on a Drill Site

Business is built upon trust and solid relationships. The oil patch is no different. I take a great amount of pride in forging new, long term relationships and, I make it no secret that we can all grow wealthy and have a fulfilling life by establishing partnerships that are a win-win for all.

My mission is to provide education, knowledge and economical and rewarding investment grade opportunities in the exciting oil and gas arena. I currently research and find unique oil and gas investment opportunities for my own investment portfolio as well as sharing them with like minded investors for their consideration.