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How To Invest In Oil

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There are several books that are recommended reading to educate you on how deals are structured, and how to evaluate a prospect, without getting too wrapped up in the technical side of oil exploration and extraction. Here’s a selection of a few good ones to start with, I’ve provided you with direct links to Amazon:

Come Drill A Well In My Backyard – Vincent Scoper Jr
Money In The Ground – John Orban III
Investing In Oil & Gas, the ABC’s of DPP’s – Kathy Heshelow
Non Technical Guide to Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling, and Production – Norman.J.Hyne

Call me or drop me a line after you’ve read a few and let me know what you think.


Also, for your knowledge and Due Diligence phase click on the links below. They will open a window on the website of a third party. These links are provided for your convenience, the content of which has not been verified.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Society of Petroleum Engineers

American Petroleum Institute


The Oil and Gas Journal

The Oil and Gas Investor

World Oil


US Department of Energy

Energy Information Administration

Schlumbergers Glossary