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If the Oil Spot price is going down, why is the price at the pump going up?

by charlie on October 5, 2012

Us Californian’s have it good; warm temperate weather all year round, lazy days on the beaches, good restaurants…so why do we have a different gas mixture for summer and winter? Many of you may not realize that the reason for the squeeze on the price is lack of supply due to the time of year when the type of gas changes from summer to winter. This is unique to California and typifies the over regulation of the state.

The problem is further compounded by the main Chevron California refinery that sustained a fire last week that has impacted the supply line. California is historically one of, if not the most, expensive State in which to buy gas at the pump. With any luck, things will be back to normal (what is that?) in a couple of week’s time.

Ask me how to hedge against gas prices at the pump.


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