October 2012

Dinks Finance Interview Part Two

by charlie on October 18, 2012

  FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW, CLICK HERE I’d like to thank James and his crew at Dinks Finance for it has been my pleasure being interviewed and having the opportunity of educating more investors in the benefits of investing in Oil – turning Oil Flow into Cash Flow. I’ve received some great questions and comments more »


Dinks Finance Interview Part One

by charlie on October 13, 2012

For the Full Interview Click here Stay tuned for the Second half coming soon…. All questions welcomed, call or email me anytime. Charlie Rushton tel: 805-403-7080 contact me by email.


Us Californian’s have it good; warm temperate weather all year round, lazy days on the beaches, good restaurants…so why do we have a different gas mixture for summer and winter? Many of you may not realize that the reason for the squeeze on the price is lack of supply due to the time of year more »