July 2012

Fossil Fuels? Maybe Not. . .

by charlie on July 24, 2012

Might it be true that everything we have been made to believe about fossil fuels are not true? Scientists have always said that fossil fuels were the result of decaying plant and animal matter and that they are a limited resource.  In fact many predict that we will be reaching the mid point of all more »



Oil’s Positive Effect on the Job Market

by charlie on July 6, 2012

Just read this article by Robert Bradley Jr. entitled “Oil and Gas: America’s Brightest Job Spot”.   There are amazing opportunities with great pay in this growing industry.  Article below.   “For many American families, struggling to make ends meet in the jobless recovery, energy development is an answer to a prayer. The fact that the more »


Existing Production and Re-Work Opportunity

by charlie on July 5, 2012

One of the operators I work with has just offered a great opportunity for those of you who are interested. It is a single well with currently 2 BOPD and a re-work that will enhance production to approximately 5 to 8 BOPD. This can be acquired as a one hundred percent working interest or in more »