June 2012

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Smallknot Investments

by charlie on June 15, 2012

This is an interesting concept and one that many believe might become the future of lending for small business.  I definitely appreciate the idea of supporting local business that I frequent and want to see local businesses survive in our community.  This seems like a win win way to see that happen.  What do you more »


A History of Fracking

by charlie on June 12, 2012

For more than 100 years, nitroglycerin detonations increased a well’s production from petroleum bearing formations. Modern hydraulic fracturing technology can trace its roots to April 25, 1865, when Civil War veteran Col. Edward A. L. Roberts received the first of his many patents for an “exploding torpedo.” In May 1990, Pennsylvania’s Otto Cupler Torpedo Company more »


After reading the article below, these were my thoughts-  Since supply and demand is the reason, it stands to reason that prices longterm will gradually move up, since the demand will increase and we aren’t finding sufficient new oil to supply the ever increasing demand. China and India albeit reporting a slow down will not more »


Shark Tank Investors

by charlie on June 5, 2012

I enjoy watching Shark Tank, admire the energy and drive of the entrepreneurs and inventors and especially find the comments and feedback from the investors to be enlightening.  It seems like I can always tell when something is just not a good idea, but sometimes the investors really surprise me with what they see a more »