May 2012

China Wants Oil

by charlie on May 31, 2012

China has a new interest in America’s energy sources.  Is this a good or a bad thing for the US? This article, “China paying billions for oil deals in the Americas” by Steve Hargreaves gives some good insight on the topic.   Click here for the full article.


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Peak, pause or plummet. . .

by charlie on May 18, 2012

This article “Peak, pause or plummet? Shale oil costs at crossroads” by Selam Gebrekidan, was a good read and brought me to the conclusion that the price issues support looking at the smaller operators that lead to bigger returns as the break even points on producing a barrel of oil in relation to the current more »


Oil Into Drinking Water?

by charlie on May 11, 2012

This was an interesting read.  A group of scientists and oil execs have performed their own miracle of Biblical proportions, turning oil field waste into fresh water.  You can read how they are doing this here. Article by GREG KENDALL-BALL – Scripps Howard News Service Photo: Chris Tesarski, CEO of Sandbox Energy, drinks from a bottle of more »


Putting it into Perspective

by charlie on May 2, 2012

We are drilling deeper today to find oil than ever before and this graphic really put that fact into perspective.  With the equipment and technology we have today, we are able to dig deeper and faster than ever.  In Russia, the Sakhalin-1 project by Exxon hit a new depth record of 40, 502 feet.  This more »