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Aerial shot of Abilene Texas

Our goal is simple…We want to teach you how to invest in oil safely and profitably. is the only website you need to learn how to invest in oil wisely and profitably. It’s designed for new and semi-seasoned investors in oil.

Our mission is to supply the information and opportunities that can give EVERY investor the ability to invest in oil profitably. To create a community where people interested in investing in oil from all over the world come together in support  of each other as you learn and grow in your oil investment knowledge and experience.

Investing in oil isn’t nearly as confusing or as complicated as many people think. Investing in anything wisely and profitably takes a few things:

  • Desire to be successful
  • Long-term and short-term investing/profit goals
  • The right oil investing education and finally,
  • Jumping in and investing in your first oil well with the guidance of someone you know and trust! and Charlie Rushton are that someone. Why? Because he’s been there and done that successfully for himself and others. Now he’s ready to do it for you!

Please join us on this magnificent journey into investing in oil…a journey that can produce the regular cash flow you’ve been looking for that leads to financial security and freedom in a way you’ve never dreamed.

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